I know you have questions. I have answer them all the time so before you ask, I might have already answer it below.


Can I have you like I see in the movies?

NO ONE can have me like you see in my movies because my movies are NOT based on real life. I provide a fantasy when I'm performing on camera. Real time meets are VERY different. As much as I want you to be comfortable, I want to be comfortable as well to make sure you're time with me is amazing. 
I DO NOT Allow any type of physical contact that may be harmful (Slapping, punching, etc). I DO NOT OFFER BARE OR CREAMPIE SESSIONS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!


Is screening really necessary?

Yes! While I appreciate your need for discretion, my safety is just as important as your privacy. Trust is an integral part of our relationship.
If I cannot verify you, I wont see you.
The info that you provide me with will remain private and confidential at all times, and is required for my personal safety and security.
After our encounter, I will discard all the info that you have provided me with for your privacy.


Why are deposits required?

For each booking made, I invest much effort, resources, time, and preparation, thus providing each individual with a high quality service. So due to no shows and last minute cancellations, DEPOSITS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL BOOKINGS, NON NEGOTIABLE!!


What are your expectations of me?

I expect you to present me with your donation in an envelope marked gift. If we are meeting in a public setting, please place the envelope inside a small gift bag.

I expect that you be a gentleman at all times and respect any boundaries I have. 

To make our date as enjoyable as possible, please be well groomed, freshly showered and have minty fresh breath.


How far in advance would you like for me to schedule a visit?

I prefer a minimum of a 72 hrs notice for local dates.  For "Fly Me To You" dates, a minimum of 3 days notice is necessary. I have many activities which occupy my time and I must plan my responsibilities and schedule accordingly.


Do you accept last minute bookings?

I prefer at least a 72 hours notice. I'm not available for same appointments but can be if I receive the deposit and verify your identity within the requested time frame.


What is your cancellation policy?

Your deposit is not refundable unless for some reason I have to cancel. In that case, you I'll receive a refund or fund with be transfer to future date.


Do you tour? How can I get you to my city?

In order to meet me, you STILL have to follow booking protocol. If you want me to come to YOUR city, see the "Fly Me to You" under Rates info.